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Intelligent Nutrition with Purpose

Intelligent Nutrition… At LifeGrains we believe that wholesome, real, natural, pure, unprocessed foods that are as close to the way they come from nature are the core of good health. Numerous food studies have demonstrated that plant based, organic, raw, non-GMO foods with little to no processing are superior sources of vitamins, minerals, fiber, macro and micro nutrients, as well as phytonutrients.

With Purpose… Many of you are active people who want to get the most out of life’s adventure. Whether your adventure is a long hike/walk, run, ski day, boardroom event, business trip, or simply the day-to-day rigors of life, you need items that will compliment your lifestyle. Our products are not only healthy and natural they have another unique distinction. They are portable and storable. This makes the LifeGrains a perfect choice when looking for superior  products to keep you healthy and on the go.

LifeGrains products easily fit the bill for a very wide range of lifestyles and needs:

Each LifeGrains Sprout~ables contain a carefully blended array of seeds and nuts to provide you with easily digestible, slow release, low bulk, high energy, high protein nutrition for those extraordinary and not so extraordinary moments you need it most.

The Merkaché ha Aretz line of herbal products are desert grown in Israel. Desert grown herbs have a unique and proven intensity of health and medicinal properties.

Schnitzer Mills and Blendtec Blenders represent some of the highest quality, value, and reliability in preparing nutritious meals for your prized possession: you and your family.

LifeGrains is also pleased to offer a line of outdoors products that we believe provide exceptional usefulness, utility, and value in supporting an active, natural lifestyle.

From our family to yours in abundant health,

The LifeGrains Family