New Year's Specials!

Sprouty is starting the new year off with the following specials:

15% off on the following products.
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Sprout~Ables Starter Pack - All three Sprout-Ables mixes and a Nutmilk Bag.

Merkache haAretz herbal Teas - Delightful Herbal Teas with strong medicial properties.


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Intelligent Nutrition with Purpose

At LifeGrains we love food and believe that wholesome, real, natural, pure, unprocessed, foods that are as close to the way they come from nature are the core of good health. Human beings are extraordinary creatures that are capable of truly extraordinary things. When we provide our bodies with superior nutrition we’re truly primed to make the extraordinary happen.

Numerous food studies have demonstrated that plant based, unprocessed and minimally processed whole foods are superior sources of vitamins, minerals, fiber, macro and micro nutrients, as well as, phytonutrients. We at LifeGrains want you to find your personal “extraordinary”. To fuel your path to those goals we offer a line of products that support your abundant health.

LifeGrains is the first and only company to bring to market a line of prepackaged Sprout~ables. Sprout~ables are prepackaged not only for your convenience, but to assist you in being prepared with slow release, low bulk, high energy nutrition for your extraordinary moment.

Each Sprout~able contains a carefully blended array of seeds and nuts to provide you with easily digestible, slow release, low bulk, high energy, high protein nutrition for those extraordinary and not so extraordinary moments you need it most. Whether your adventure is a long hike/walk, run, ski day, boardroom event, business trip, or the day-to-day rigors running your children from school to events, LifeGrains Sprout~ables are the perfect choice for solid, sustaining, satisfying, healthy, filling nutrition.

We also have an amazing range of highly prized oils from the desert, grains, granolas, and are the United States’ ONLY authorized distributor for the amazing Schnitzer range of grain mills.

From our family to yours in abundant health,

The LifeGrains Family